Time has a way of slipping by during Minnesota summers! There really isn't much better than a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds, 85 degree day where you’re the perfect temperature in your swimsuit after just getting out of the water, then cooling off to a perfect evening temp for sitting on the patio as the sun sets, the trees casting pretty shadows on the lawn... that kind of day is what we Minnesotans live for, amIright?!

Plus, my hubby is a middle school science teacher, and is able to stay home with the boys during the summer, which we love! That combined with the work on the golf course, and there's been a lot of activity 'round these parts.

What I've been focusing a lot of my energy on this month has been expanding my website, to share more about my approach in To Boldly Be, and the different types of people/groups I love doing Temperament work with: Individuals, Entrepreneurs/Business Leaders, and Team Building.

I've had a lot of great meetings and connections with people, and pretty much every person I've talked with has been interested in getting their APS done. And once they have it done, are fascinated and want their friends and families do it, and they want to bring it to their teams at work. I LOVE that that's the feedback I'm getting, that it's worth it to each person that's done it, and that it's SO worth it, that they want their loved ones and teams to do it!

But, true confession time: I am not a salesperson. Tempermentally, I am not a salesperson. So, I teach that one of our most important goals in life is to align our lives with our Temperament chart; with the way we were wired; with the way, I believe, God designed us to be. Some people find that stance limiting. They feel like it limits their growth potential.

I don't feel that way. In this area (not being a great salesperson) I feel it's freeing. Instead of me taking classes or trying to muster up the energy to "go give a sales pitch" (insert awkward shooting fingers and falsely enthusiastic a-hyuk voice here... because that's what I feel like when I even think about trying to do it), I'm going to focus on what I'm great at and trust God for the rest.

Something that I am great at, and far more comfortable with, is writing about what I do, and letting people decide for themselves if that's something they're interested in. I get to lay it out there: here's what the APS is, here's why I love it, here's who it can help, here's how it can help, and I'd love to meet you and help you learn about yours.

Then, if someone is referred to me, they can read as much as they'd like prior to reaching out to me. Some Temperaments are like that. Others are going to email and want me to explain it all verbally, which I'm also totally fine with!

And if you land here semi-interested, hopefully you find some helpful info, and take the leap and give it a try. I'm not gonna go sales-y on you, but I can help you implement what you learn in your APS to your life: if it means meeting together with a family member, a group of friends, your ministry team, or sharing the Team Building page with your manager. This is what I am good at, Tempermentally, and I'm thankful for the chance to share it with you, and for the people that refer me on!

Lots is stirring in the back of the ol' noggin, of fun other ways to study the APS in a group setting! If you have questions or ideas, let me know!

For now, I invite you to read about how the APS can help you as an individual, business leader, or your team!


Much love,



  1. Laura L on July 9, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Loved having my temperament profile uncovered and reviewed with Brit! Super enlightening, and reaffirming. She explains it in a way that makes you proud of how you were created and that there is strength in ALL temperaments. This was so encouraging to hear as an introvert that tends to feel pressure to conform at times! What a great gift this information is!

  2. Diane on July 10, 2018 at 10:45 am

    I loved getting my temperament done!! I keep sharing it with my husband and kids. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool with me. ?