Young Adults

To Boldly Be: Young Adults

Young adults today, especially Millennials, get a bad rap in our society. Those born between 1982-2000 (give or take, depending on  who you ask) are considered Millennials. These young adults are challenging and redefining the workplace, the use of technology, and the acceptance of self and others. They're not satisfied with inertia being the driving force of their life; they want to make a significant positive difference in the world around them.

They believe that it must be possible to have a career that’s actually fulfilling, a family that’s solid, friendships that are authentic, and make the world around them a better place to live. I know, I know. Have their cake and eat it, too. Eye roll and all that.

Here's the thing: You should want that, too.

That's the full life we all deeply hope exists somewhere. Millennials are just audacious enough to believe that it's possible. I don't know what you've read, but these are the Millennials I see and know.

One of the greatest gifts and challenges of this generation is connection.

The instant, social and hyper-connected world we live in creates thousands of daily opportunities for connection, but to establish deep and meaningful connection takes very deliberate, intentional action. That illusion of connectedness is actually in some ways what inhibits the true connection to self, to others, and to pursuing that full and fulfilling life.

The connections we develop affect every facet of our lives. They influence who we meet, thus who we become friends with and maybe eventually marry. They impact our relationships with our parents, kids and family members. They direct our networking and what jobs we pursue and obtain.

All of these connections speak into our lives and passions, which lead us to discovering and pursing our purpose. Relationship with people is how we refine our thoughts, and its these people who are the sounding board as we develop our dreams. They're the ones that encourage us to take big, scary leaps, and support us when things don't pan out the way we planned. We learn from these connections. Creativity  and innovation are birthed from them.

It cannot be understated how valuable our connections are, and how important it is that they are intentional, meaningful, real, honest and authentic.

We need to be intentional. First, starting with ourselves.

We need to know ourselves. We spend so much time looking at others' perfect feeds - and give them the credit of assuming that they got that shot in the first 5 tries, while belittling ourselves, thinking about the 54 attempts we need to go delete from our camera roll. Or we assume there are further along than we are. Or we believe that they haven’t had failures or roadblocks in the way. Or that they're sure-footed and confident, without the self-doubt that plagues us.

Stop focusing on THEM, and focus on YOU for a minute. Learn your strengths, believe them. Know who you are. Like what you see. And then then figure out how to boldly be that person.

Passionate about cars? Creative problem solving? Collaboration? The cello? Backpacking? Listening to people? Whatever it is, it comes from your core wiring, and understanding your core wiring through your Arno Profile System (APS) Temperament Profile is an incredible launching point to knowing who you are, liking what you see, and boldly being.

The APS shows you what your internal needs are so that you can assess whether they’re getting met, if the way you’re getting them met is healthy and helpful, and get ideas on how to meet those that aren’t in positive and healthy ways. It gives insight into if you have the amount and kind of relationships you need. It addresses the kind of career path you should pursue, or helps refine the one you're already on, or confirms the need to switch tracks. It helps you understand why approach people, new situations, and react to things the way you do.

I truly have not found a better tool that gives you more information and insights into your whole personhood.


Second, we need to be intentional with our relationships.

In our typical hang outs, most people don't just start sharing their heart, their strengths, their fears. Getting vulnerable is scary. Sharing those 54 pictures is embarrassing. But it's also what makes us all human, and connects us as humans-in-progress. So make a choice to get intentional about sharing your real self with your people. If they're not your people yet, this could be the step to help you guys get to that level. If you're not ready to share your stuff, maybe we start with some individual sessions, with a group session as one of our goals.

But for the sake of yourself, of your dreams, of our world, let's get real, people. Get honest. Open up; be willing to be imperfect. Be willing to showcase your incredible strengths. Find out what your talents are that you probably just thought everyone else must also have. They don't. It's time you know exactly what makes you unique and, yes, special. We're not talking trophies here. We're talking genuine, individual, created with purpose, unique to you, truly special. And it's time we know those things about each other.

Come with your old friends. come with your new friends. Come with your networking group. Come with your colleagues. Just come with someone. Some Temperaments are more private-- that's fine! But that doesn't give you an opt out card. Every person needs connection.

Find your people and email me. Min 6, max 10 people (but if you are that Melancholy that has 3, let's talk because I could make an exception for you!) to keep it comfortable and open range for some great discussions. We'll meet any public place that is comfortable for you guys within the Twin Cities area. We don't need a ton of space, we don't need a sound and light show. We just need each other and our APS reports. (It's easy. 10 minutes, online, done.)


The life of our dreams starts now, guys.

We will carry US through our whole lives. The work of knowing ourselves and liking ourselves has to start now so that we can boldly be ourselves for the rest of our lives and make the impact we know at our core we can make.

The relationships we crave? Those are developed throughout our whole lives, but we don't have to wait to have them, we can have them now!


I know we all love those infomercials we woke up to if we left the TV on while falling asleep, so: For just the price of a couple cups of coffee and night at the brewery, you can have this, too!

But for real, what have you spent your money on in the last week that's not nearly as important as this? Find me on Facebook or email me!

Rally your group!

You're probably the friend that plans the thing, tells everyone what's happening, and they just show up. You probably have the Venmo account that everyone just pays you after you've set it all up. Even if you're not, this is super easy to do. Just send me and email, tell me a bit about your group, and we'll get rolling!