Temperament Counseling

Temperament Counseling

I work with all types of people in all sorts of situations - but they all have something in common: They want to grow in their understanding of themselves, and they want to grow as a person. Here are some typical scenarios of why people seek Temperament counseling:

  • They're at a decision point in life and want to understand how their options fit in with their internal wiring, and get some wisdom on which choice would be best for them.
  • They feel stuck in their current role, but don't exactly know why, or aren't confident in what they should do about it.
  • They just know something's off, but can't pinpoint it. It's like whoever tweeted that the flavor of La Croix is like drinking it in one room, and someone shouting from the other room what flavor it is. I didn't see the tweet myself, but my husband told me about it and man that's right on! Sometimes we feel that way about our life, if someone could just shout from the other room that one piece we're tasting but can't quite pinpoint, that would be so helpful! I see the APS do this all the time.
  • They're in conflict with someone: a spouse, a friend, a coworker. And they just need a neutral third party to hear what's going on, and help them each understand how they're approaching the situation, and learn to respect how the other person approaches it.
  • They're just super interested in any kind of personality/temperament profiling, and this is another to check off the bucket list. I work with this one because it's the absolute best I've encountered. You've definitely got to try it!

I especially love working with people at a transition of mind (feeling like something needs to change but not sure what or how) or a transition of place (in between jobs or seasons of life). The APS is super interesting, but it's at its most helpful when you apply it to real life scenarios. Sometimes people begin just because the APS is so fascinating, and then realize how many parts of their life it can be applied to. I like to say the APS is like an onion (yes, stolen from Shrek), because each layer you peel off you find there's another layer of application beneath it. It's incredibly versatile and helpful.

Growth is not always easy. Change can be challenging. But if you're motivated enough to come here and read this far, you will absolutely love the APS!

Great for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Good friends
  • Co-workers

Let's set up your first appointment!

You'll complete the 10 minute, online APS questionnaire prior to your first appointment, and then we'll dive right in!