Team-Building Workshops

Great for:

  • Small & Large Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Church Groups
  • Ministry Teams
  • MOPS Groups
  • Talent Placement

Team-Building Workshops

Your team is made up of individuals:  with strengths, weaknesses, internal drivers & motivations, personal goals, career goals, relationships and everything else that makes a person--a person. It's that individual personhood that makes them a valuable part of your team!

That also is what gives us the responsibility as leaders to care for our teams as whole people - for what they contribute to the company's bottom line and for them as individuals.

Studies have shown that stressors at work affect our personal lives at home. This cycle continues and stressors at home impact our presence mentally and physically at work. As leaders, we have the opportunity to create relationships of value and trust by investing in our team and learning about each of them. That includes their personal goals, interests and families, in addition to their technical, leadership and communication skills. Relationships built on mutual trust and respect result in loyalty, presence and engagement in work, and cooperation with colleagues. These are important traits that hit your bottom line and make your leadership shine!

One of the most incredible parts of the APS is how it spans the whole person, from our personal life through our professional life. Providing the Arno Profile System (APS) Temperament Profile to your employees in a team-building workshop has an incredible array of benefits:

Great for:

  • Small & Large Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Church Groups
  • Ministry Teams
  • MOPS Groups
  • Talent Placement

Employee Benefits:

  • Growth in self-discovery and understanding
  • Feeling valued as an employee and as a person
  • Affirmation of being in the right position or help identifying why not and finding another position to excel in
  • Gaining insights that can be applied at home, at work, in personal and professional goals

Team Benefits:

  • Understanding the people they work with
  • Sharing their strengths with their team in a non-threatening way
  • Approaching conflict and misunderstanding with objectivity and respect
  • Gain a common language to communicate effectively
  • Bond through mutual respect and honest communication
  • Have FUN together!

Leadership Benefits:

  • Gain specific insights into your employees such as their strenghts, what motivates them, who are your decision makers/visionaries/etc., and more
  • An objective third party to get to know your team and provide insights into your dynamics, structure, and interpersonal issues
  • Learn who is in the right spot and how best to support them, or where to reposition your talent
  • Gain transparency of untapped strengths that should be leveraged for greater impact within your company
  • Approaching conflict and misunderstanding with objectivity and respect

How does it work?

Step 1: Connect

Email me to set up a time to connect over the phone. We will cover any questions you have and identify your goals to determine if this is the right fit for your team.

If you'd like to meet first to experience the APS for yourself, we can get that set up!

Step 2: Strategize

We will determine the best plan for your needs, timeframe and your team size/structure.

For larger groups, what tends to work best is starting with an all-team gathering to learn the fundamentals.  Then, we'll meet within smaller groups of 6-8 people, preferably as teams that work together. We'll discuss each person's Temperament in more detail and team dynamics. We can also set up one-on-ones for 30 min or 1 hour, either for everyone on your team, or for select people such as leadership team members.

Every person that participates must have their APS done, as well as receive an explanation of the report either in a small group or one-on-one setting.


Step 3: Get Ready

You'll share the workshop plan with your team, and explain why you're investing in this tool and in them! Spread the excitement that this isn't just another "trust fall" activity - let them know how much they're going to learn about themselves, each other, and how it will help them both personally and professionally.

I'd also suggest you provide some sort of fun treat - people bond over food, and knowing lunch or something is provided perks up everyone's ears!

I'll then send out the online questionnaire to your team members along with some brief instructions. (The online questionnaire takes 10 minutes, so it's quick!)


Step 4: Workshop!

This is the fun part! Your team gets a break from the daily routine, feels valued and appreciated that their leadership is investing in them as people and as team members, and honest and positive dialogue begins.

Every single person on your team is valuable and has something unique that they bring to the table. It's one of my absolute favorite things to be able to speak that into people, and let their team members hear it as well. We'll call it humble bragging, if you will, but really it's just having a third party speaking the truth out loud so that strengths are identified and leveraged!

Step 5: Follow Up

We will connect after the workshop to discuss any issues that were raised, personnel adjustments that may need to occur, and to give feedback on any specific issues you request. This meeting will focus on the things most important to you and your team, and really varies for each client.

Oftentimes, teams want to continue this conversation. Many leaders like to set up meetings with those they work close with to continue to understand each other's Temperaments better. Leadership teams want to schedule additional meetings with me to address other areas of people needs, such as hiring or employee placement, and future planning. Additionally, many find the APS so valuable, that they want their family members to take the APS and schedule a meeting to go over the results. We can talk about the best way to follow through on all of that.

I want to be a resource to you and your team. Trust, confidentiality and relationships matter so much to me. I'd love to earn the spot of trusted confidant and support you and your business!

Invest in your team

This is an investment in your people, your relationships, your goals, your leadership and yourself. I'd love to work with you to take your team to the next level!