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Entrepreneur/Small Business Consulting

If you run a business, just created your own start-up, or are dreaming of doing so, you already have a special spot in my heart. Entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I know what it's like to have big dreams that others may not always see; to pour your heart and soul into your vision; to feel the strain of wearing hats that aren't quite your size or style.

I have not encountered a better tool to tap into whether you're just getting started or if you're already established. Your business begins and ends with you, so knowing yourself, your core wiring, your strengths and your weaknesses, and making sure you're in a healthy spot for the marathon of this is essential. The Arno Profile System (APS) Temperament profile will provide incredible insight into all of these things and more:

  • What are you excellent at that you should always focus on, no matter your size.
  • What are you not so excellent at that you should focus on finding someone who is. Or, if you're not at a place to do that yet, what should you be working toward.
  • What kind of team should you structure around yourself to best support your strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals. Either assessing your current team, or planning for your future team.
  • You keep bumping into the same roadblock everywhere you go - is it you, or is it them? Understand why you do the things you do.
  • Personal growth - you're trying to balance objectives/growth goals/spouse/family vacations/little league/wanting to see the latest Marvel movie. How do you find balance and fulfillment so that you put effort toward the most important and fulfilling parts of your life, while not ignoring the sometimes-less-fun yet crucial elements.

You want to finish the marathon strong. You're doing this for a whole variety of reasons -- maybe to provide freedom and flexibility for your family, maybe because you want to be an employer that truly cares about your employees, maybe because you have a vision to make a huge, positive impact on this world and your solution can do it. Whatever it is, I want to support you in achieving your goals, your vision, and being a positive force in this world.

Great for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • Small Businesses
  • Team Leaders
  • Leaders checking out the APS for use in Team Building
  • Talent Placement
  • Personal & Professional Growth

Invest in yourself

You'll complete the 10 minute, online APS questionnaire prior to your first appointment, we'll begin with a strong understanding of your Temperament, and then we'll create a plan to focus on the things most important to you.

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