My Approach

In my work with individuals, entrepreneurs/business leaders, and teams, my goal is always to help each person to know who they are, to like what they see, and to boldly be themselves. People are made up of home life, work life, friend life, family life, etc. We don't leave home life behind to go to work, and we don't leave work life entirely at the office. Companies are made of people; heathy companies are made up of healthy people. I believe that the more integrated we can live our lives, with all areas aligned with our core wiring, the healthier we'll be. And, if we're healthy in one area, we'll be healthy in the other areas; conversely, if one area is unhealthy and unaligned, it will negatively affect the other areas.

My approach is to help each person to integrate and align, to get focused, and to grow in health, peace and clarity. Healthy people support each other, can work through conflict, bring the most value and focus to their work, and ultimately have the greatest positive influence in their spheres.

I'd love to share with you how I approach this with individuals, entrepreneurs/business leaders, and teams but I wanted to begin here with my heart behind what I do. The end goal is "To Boldly Be", but the process is what gets us there:


Far too few people really know themselves. That's tricky, because we make a lot of decisions in life based on what we believe will fulfill us. We make daily decisions, large and small, based on our understanding of ourselves and our wants/needs: the friends and spouse we choose, the college we enroll in, the career and training we pursue, the hobbies we invest in, the very lives we create for ourselves.

Plus, others are making choices based on the person that we portray. We make choices based on how others represent themselves to us. Friendships, marriages, job offers, partnerships, etc., are all initiated based on these representations or first impressions.

A lot really does rely on us having a solid understanding of ourselves - not only our traits or strengths, but also why we do what we do.

This is why I start with the Arno Profile System (APS) Temperament Profile. The APS is like an X-ray of your soul. (Really, when you do it, you'll see what I mean. There's a reason people often ask, "Have you been following me around for weeks?!" It's that good!) It reveals your core in-built wiring; the things that make you uniquely you. It reveals your strengths, weaknesses, interpersonal style, needs, motivators and more. It really does help you understand yourself in a deep and powerful way.

This information is not only fascinating (although it really is!), it's extremely useful. It makes sense of why you act/say/do/react to the things you do. It helps you objectively view situations, choices and relationships, so that you can grow as a person. Instead of automatically reacting to a situation, I like to say that it gives you the gift of a pause - to choose to respond in the way that leads you to the results you want for your life.


In our first meeting, we'll dive into your Temperament profile. You'll learn things about yourself that you like, you'll find out why certain things are easy or tend to be a struggle for you, why you respond to a certain person like you do, and more. Society has a way of telling us which traits are "positive", "acceptable", or otherwise "preferable". One of my greatest pleasures is to tell you that your wiring is not a mistake, it's not on accident, and not only do I need you to be you, but the world does, too. They don't need you to try to be like someone else. We don't need 800 of me; we need 1 me, and 1 you, and 1 of everybody else. Together, we make up a pretty incredible world. Together, we can accomplish more, and if we can respect our differences and work together, we'll be even more effective.

Once you begin to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, you'll immediately begin connecting it to real-life situations. We can work together to apply this knowledge so that you can grow in your wiring. You'll learn to embrace your strengths and be aware of your limitations and how they impact all the different relationships you hold, your job, and your career goals.

Another thought: This world can be a very lonely place, even with 7+ billion people on it. Many times, our loneliness comes from within ourselves. How we perceive others, how we perceive ourselves, and how we perceive that we’re not living up to some unnamed standard, so we self-isolate. We are loved but we don’t let that love in. We are invited but we disclude ourselves. If we can learn about ourselves and learn to appreciate, even like, who we are, we can begin to unwind that negative cycle and find freedom and healing.

The next step is the action step that we all want, but this current step is so critical to the process. Sometimes the next step requires standing up for yourself, going after something you want or need even if others are trying to keep you from it, or just deciding that you won’t take the backseat to someone else’s dream anymore. If you don’t like yourself very much, you won’t have the courage, strength, tenacity and heart to make those bold steps.

The understanding of "To know yourself"  paves the way to acceptance, and I want to help you close the gap to truly liking the way you are wired. Stop comparing yourself to the way others are, and believe that the world needs you.

Sometimes all we need is just one person to believe in us.


The last step, in a sense, is also the beginning step. It's hard to say where one begins and ends, because they're highly interconnected and dependent on one another. They are fascinating, empowering and motivating. Together, they bring you to this step to begin to make choices and changes in your life to live more congruently within your wiring - in your relationships, career and life goals.

You have a role to play and a job to fulfill that no one else can do. It’s not until you know who is you, and begin to appreciate all that you entails, that you can begin to boldly take steps toward living it out. I want to help you grasp that, help you find clarity, purpose, and direction for your life. Don’t be stuck in inertia, just doing what you always did because you’ve always done it. If it’s not a good fit, find out why, and in which direction to begin moving.

You may discover that you are in an incredible company and work well with your coworkers, but that your position just doesn't jive with your wiring - and now you know why. You may find that you and your spouse aren't so different, you just needed some language and mutual understanding to get on the same page. You may find out why you're struggling with a certain person on your team, and work together on how you can come to an understanding to work well together. Each person's journey is different. We're dealing with your real life here, not a strictly prescribed process to make you deal with problems someone else has that don't impact you.

Your life is worth investing in. You were made to boldly be yourself. You, my friend, are pretty incredible.

So what are you here for?


  • Personal growth
  • A relationship
  • Life purpose
  • I'm just super interested in the APS

My Business

  • Personal growth
  • Capitalizing on strengths
  • Delegation
  • Identifying roadblocks

My Team

  • Team dynamics
  • Investing in my people
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right spots
  • Leveraging individual strengths