To know who you are.

To like what you see.

To boldly be.


Are you fascinated by the variety of personality tests out there, and looking for something to get to your core internal wiring?

Has someone told you "You like xyz? You would LOVE the Arno!"

Are you seeking self-understanding, self-growth, and self-acceptance to overcome a hurdle or reach a goal?

Are you trying to navigate through a difficult conflict or relational struggle where gaining insights into each other's wiring could make a huge difference in your ability to communicate and find resolution?

These are all perfect examples of why my clients come to me seeking to have their Arno Temperament Profile (APS) completed for themselves, their loved ones, and their co-workers!


My name is Britney, and as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor, I love to come alongside people to help them get the most out of their life. Through To Boldly Be, I seek to help people to know themselves at a very deep, significant level by using the APS tool. Next I work with them to learn to like what they see, because they were created on purpose for a purpose that no one else in the world can do or be. Lastly, we formulate steps to boldly be themselves - to live a life that is well-suited to their wiring and giftedness.

I use the APS with all of my clients.  It is a powerful tool that analyzes your Temperament, which is the determining factor in how you perceive the world, how you initiate and build relationships, what hobbies you enjoy, what types of jobs you will find fulfilling, and more.

The APS is incredibly accurate, getting to the core of you as an individual, and that's where I want to focus. Therefore, my approach isn't a "one-size-fits all". Within this site you'll find information on my approach; I will meet you wherever you're at, so let's work together to identify your most immediate needs and then move forward from there! 

I Want To Help You Thrive

Temperament Counseling

Do you feel stuck? Uncertain of what direction to move? If you are at a transition of mind (feeling like something needs to change but not sure what or how) or a transition of place (in between jobs or seasons of life) getting your APS report explained to you and applied to your current transition could be the push you need to get over the hump.

Entrepreneur Consulting

You have a big vision and you are wearing 800 hats. Let’s get your APS report done and study you: what are you excellent at, and what are you not so great at that maybe you should begin thinking about getting off your plate. What are the things holding you back? Many of our limitations are internal, but often we are too close to ourselves to see them clearly. Let me be the objective third-party with an incredibly helpful tool in making your dream succeed.

Team-Building Workshops

You have a team of amazingly talented people, but people come to work as, well, people - technical skills, social skills, home life, and all. Invest in your people, and build trust and commitment as a team. Gain powerful insights from their APS reports to learn their strengths, weaknesses and needs. Find out if they are in the right spot in your organization, let's dive into working through interpersonal issues, and help them find a work-life balance to build an incredible company culture. Plus, everyone always has a ton of fun!


To Boldly Be: Young Adults

A smaller group setting of you and your people to be intentional about true connection. Learn about your Temperament, see how different your peoples' APS reports are, share what you're awesome at, support each other in the things you're not so awesome at. Push each other to grow and to pursue and to be present in the fulfilling lives we all desire.

To know who you are.

To like what you see.

To boldly be.


Learn more about what that means to me, and why I want it for you.

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