To know who you are.

To like what you see.

To boldly be.

You don’t need another personality test, you need a framework to boldly be you.

Welcome! At To Boldly Be we focus on connecting people with their purpose.
Using a highly specialized temperament test we show you the foundation of who you are, help you realize your potential, and guide you to function in the way you are wired!

So what is your temperament, and how is it different from your personality?

You may have done one or all of the personality tests you can get your hands on, and you may have a pretty good grasp of your personality. If you don't, the people around you can probably tell you!

You may already know that your personality can change throughout your life. You as a kid at home may have been slightly (or majorly) different than you as a kid at school. You in college might be different than you are now in your full time job. We are adaptable creatures, able to pick up new traits and drop others depending on the circumstances, what is required of us, who we're with, and more.

But there is still something in you that's always there. It's what makes you, you. That's your temperament: your core, unchanging, same-throughout-your-whole-life wiring and needs that drive you.

Think of yourself as a tree.

The leaves and foliage are your personality. This is usually the most obvious to see and name by you or your friends and family. Like the seasons change the colors of leaves, the seasons of your life can change your personality. Winds come and you can sway and adapt and morph a little to fit into the new friend group or put on your big boy pants and give the presentation even though it makes you feel anxious.

The trunk is your life experiences. These experiences shaped you, and continue to shape you. From those experiences, branches come out here and there, as you found a passion for photography or learned from your family that you handle difficult situations by avoiding them. Being the baby of the family may have given you different experiences than your Type A older sister, and boy are you guys different now! This all plays in and matters for the person you are today.

The root system is your temperament. It's beneath the surface, a little harder to pinpoint with the windstorm going on up in the leaves, but it's what everything draws from. Your temperament influences, even determines, how you will react to your life experiences and what personality traits you'll develop or choose to try on. While in the same family, you reacted to your life experiences differently than that older sister - that's because you are operating inherently out of different wiring. This, unlike your personality, never changes. Let me repeat: Never. Changes. Sure, you can put on a mask and wear a different personality for awhile, but once you put it on the countdown is on until you have to take it off because you get worn out, or you can't stand the person you're pretending to be, or you're just depressed, trying to live as someone other than who you truly are.



Herein lies the difference: Knowing your temperament, and aligning your life with it, can bring you fulfillment in ways that nothing else can. It's getting past the façade of what you think you want, to knowing what you need. Knowing your roots, nurturing you as you were made to be, and allowing your personhood to draw from that is what makes you strong.

This is what we do at To Boldly Be: we begin with studying your temperament, and learning who you are at your core. We then walk alongside you in learning to appreciate and respect yourself and your wiring by making decisions that align your life with your wiring. The goal is fulfillment - a life that you're proud of, that truly fits you, that fills you up with purpose, hope, and boldness.

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We Want To Help You Thrive

Temperament Counseling

Do you feel stuck? Uncertain of what direction to move? If you are at a transition of mind (feeling like something needs to change but not sure what or how) or a transition of place (in between jobs or seasons of life) getting your APS report explained to you and applied to your current transition could be the push you need to get over the hump.

Entrepreneur Consulting

You have a big vision and you are wearing 800 hats. Let’s get your APS report done and study you: what are you excellent at, and what are you not so great at that maybe you should begin thinking about getting off your plate. What are the things holding you back? Many of our limitations are internal, but often we are too close to ourselves to see them clearly. Let me be the objective third-party with an incredibly helpful tool in making your dream succeed.

Team-Building Workshops

You have a team of amazingly talented people, but people come to work as, well, people - technical skills, social skills, home life, and all. Invest in your people, and build trust and commitment as a team. Gain powerful insights from their APS reports to learn their strengths, weaknesses and needs. Find out if they are in the right spot in your organization, let's dive into working through interpersonal issues, and help them find a work-life balance to build an incredible company culture. Plus, everyone always has a ton of fun!

To Boldly Be: Young Adults

A smaller group setting of you and your people to be intentional about true connection. Learn about your Temperament, see how different your peoples' APS reports are, share what you're awesome at, support each other in the things you're not so awesome at. Push each other to grow and to pursue and to be present in the fulfilling lives we all desire.

To know who you are.

To like what you see.

To boldly be.


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